The uppsala model

Research Policy, 11 3 : — Dynamic capabilities, what are they?

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Google Scholar Miller, D. Motte, Trans.

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London: McMillan. There, they have enhanced knowledge of the market and more control of resources, thereafter gradually when the companies have become more experienced and acquired better resources, they expand to the more distance market.

The strength of corporate culture and the reliability of firm performance. The impact of added cultural distance and cultural diversity on international expansion patterns: A Penrosean perspective.

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Prolegomena on coevolution: A framework for research on strategy and new organizational forms. The Academy of Management Review, 9 2 : — The Intentional Stance.

The uppsala model

Even though considering the importance of service sector, most international business researches had had product orientated focus including U-model. Market expansion and firm internationalization. The nature of the firm. Google Scholar Sydow, J. Google Scholar Santangelo, G. Interorganizational relations in industrial systems: A network approach compared with the transaction cost approach. Journal of International Business Studies, 37 2 , — Google Scholar Klayman, J. However as the product manufactories has been the primarily focus of U-Model, a drawback for it is the failure to predict or describe the service industries behaviour in their internationalization process. Forms of network resource: Knowledge access and the role of inter-firm networks. International Marketing Review, 7 4 , 11— Toward a theory of international new ventures. The internationalization process of the firm—a model of knowledge development and increasing foreign commitments. On the evolutionary and behavioral theories of organizations: A tentative roadmap. Is microfoundational thinking critical to management thought and practice?

Organization Science, 10 5—

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The Uppsala Internationalization Model and its limitation in the new era