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E-mail: moc. If the changes during progress of study are minor, then that part of the study should be excluded from the analysis. What is the methodology? Furthermore, aims should be achievable, realistic and specific with no general and ambiguous statements.

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What exactly do you want to study? This hypothesis is derived from previous studies where an evident difference between the groups to be compared is present. It defines the variables and demonstrates in detail how the variables will be measured. It has 93 pages and 11 chapters besides a glossary, suggested readings and an index.

It details the proposed methodology for data gathering and processing. Statement of the problem.

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Though at places, formulae could be intimidating, an effort has been made to present the basics of statistics and presentation of data in a simplified way, clarifying to the reader concepts behind these formulae. Example: Research question: Is there a difference in fluoride release between the Compomer and Glass- ionomer cement?

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Why is it worth studying?

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