Training high school students to resolve conflict

conflict resolution resources for teachers

Bad Mediator This video, created by Western Justice Center, looks at a mediation performed by people who don't know what they are doing. Elementary school peer mediators also use this process in sit-down mediations when dealing with more difficult disputes.

Bad Mediator Training This video, created by Western Justice Center, features a bad mediator providing training advice to new mediators, alongside another mediator who actually knows what she is talking about. Peer Mediation Videos Peer Mediation is a process where students are trained to impartially guide their peers in a voluntary and confidential process where they come up with their own solutions to conflicts they have with one another.

Sandra Bloom, a leading psychiatrist and President of the Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility, developed this comprehensive violence prevention approach.

CRU's faculty training helps teachers understand and use mediation concepts and techniques and enables them to use CRU's Classroom Teacher's manual with their students.

The program can be scheduled to run 1 to 2 hours per week. Based on evaluations in pre and post tests conducted by an independent team of researchers from Lehigh University, Project PEACE programs have made a significant difference in reducing school violence.

Through activities, discussion, stories and crafts, students will learn how to: — Create stronger classroom community — Identify and manage their emotions — Explore and understand their own identities and those of others — Analyze and interrupt assumptions — Develop stronger self-esteem and empathy for others — Practice respectful dialogue and strong communication skills In an increasingly diverse world, it is essential for students to begin learning about diversity and acceptance from one another at an early age.

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Conflict Resolution Training for Middle School Students