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Two way communication in health education

An example of using two way communication to promote health education could involve Voluntary Organizations promoting a health message within a school such as an anti-drugs campaign. Others may depend on other people to fix the issues and you may not be able to evaluate the outcomes to see the effectiveness. Being truthful made us confident in promoting our campaign. For example, if a scientist have an antidote for curing an illness, when it comes to the test on people, the scientist would have to say it the way it is in case there is are people with allergies. Truthfulness Truthfulness is when all of your findings are reported to the audience truthfully. Or will that thing have problems? The first approach to promoting Heath Education is Mass Media. Withdrawal Withdrawal is when the individuals that are involved in the study make a choice to decide that they do not want to take part in or continue with the study and choose to leave. Health educators attempt to prevent illnesses by informing individuals and communities about health-related topics, such as proper nutrition, the importance of exercise, how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and the habits and behaviours necessary to avoid illness. We were unable to give personal support that some individuals may have required. Drugs and what it can do to the body.

This in turn, lowers the calories in the foods or beverages. This is a way of promoting health education as it makes individual aim towards having a good health.

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This campaign was aimed at young people age This cycle continues until a positive outcome has been achieved. It is important that our audience heard the good and bad news on our safe sex campaign.

I now know why people act the way they act and how they make their decisions.

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I enticed people in order for them to fill out my questionnaire; this was done by giving out free condoms and chocolate. P4: carrying out the campaign.

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Two way communication could also be used in the form of leaflets, letters or posters detailing some basic information about the health promotion. Trust When involved in a campaign it is important that you have the full confidence in someone and you can explain the campaign with full confidence. The Exchange: Being healthy has its drawbacks. However, the social learning theory is vague on explaining the difference with people. Peer pressure can be a positive influence that motivates us to do the right thing or make the right decisions, but it can also lead a person to take the wrong decision. There are many advantages of using two way communication to promote health education. Using the media in our campaign prevented is from going into details for our campaign.

Safety Safety is when someone is being protected from any cause of harm, danger, injury or risk. We need ethical principles in order to avoid the abuse of power, to provide reasons why certain choices are made by us, to ensure equality and fairness and avoid discrimination.

Perceived Susceptibility- This is about the likeliness of how ill a person can get with a particular condition that would affect their health.

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M2: Assess factors that influenced the effectiveness of their health education campaign.

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Unit Promoting Health Education