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Development of large-scale portfolio placement at the University of Michigan Moss, P. Some constructs are more stable than others. Writing assessment: A techno-history. Haertel even acknowledged context as a value when he notes that it "must each begin with considerations of intended test uses and interpretations" p.

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Fitzgerald Eds. This often occurs unconsciously so we need to be intentional and thoughtful about how we use language to frame writing assessment and reliability or we may be undermining our own efforts. Hertog, J. Reliability refers to the consistency of such measurements when the testing procedure is repeated on a population of individuals or groups. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 14 3 , With assessment bound up in the whole teaching and learning process, the list of ways to develop a shared understanding is endless. A panel of expert readers made decisions for those students who did not fit neatly into this course. How does the percentages vary across writing evaluation methods holistic, productivity, and CBM writing?

Given high stakes writing tests in Grade 4 in many states as well as explicit elaboration of benchmark on writing skills in the Common Core State Standards or similar standards, writing has received increased attention in instruction particularly in Grades 3 and 4.

In addition, the extent to which the task facet contributes to the variance in the productivity and CBM writing scores would be informative, given its wide use in research and school setting.

Mislevysaw benefits in Moss's idea but also commented that in assessment, as in other fields, difficulties arise when novel problems appear and the usual heuristics fail.

The participating schools varied largely in terms of socio-economic status of children they served.

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Performance assessment. Validity is harder to assess than reliability, but it is even more important. In terms of dimensionality, total number of words was best described as a productivity measure — a related but dissociable construct from other derived CBM scores e. Haswell, R. Other scholars pushed against the traditional holistic scoring approach designing methods that privileged those most knowledgeable about the context, that encouraged critical dialogue, and that used holistic and integrative judgments. Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Teacher assessment strategies can be sorted in terms of validity and reliability Table 1. Reliability using these tasks has been reported to range from. A test's validity is established in reference to a specific purpose; the test may not be valid for different purposes. But he favors simplicity over other concerns about the test. The manual should indicate the important characteristics of the group used in gathering reliability information, such as education level, occupation, etc. Thus, the goal of the present study was to expand our understanding about writing evaluation by examining the extent to which various factors such as raters and tasks influence the reliability of writing scores for widely used writing evaluation methods for elementary grade students, and examining the optimal number of raters and tasks needed for consistent results in writing scores. A recent study has shown that CBM writing, using derived scores such as correct minus incorrect word sequences, is closely associated with writing quality but a dissociable construct Kim et al.
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