We are products of our past

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What experiences in life have been most gratifying for you? In the absence of a clear path to progress forward, a journey backward is still a journey nonetheless; a clear and obvious departure from the status quo. Or, if we do, we fool ourselves by focusing only on the good parts of the story, the one we tell most often to impress people in job interviews, when we meet new people, or when we talk to our children.

Are there any career moves you regretted? Illustration: Uday Deb At another level, our politicians and scholars have blatantly propagated myths, or what may be charitably called unverifiable statements, about the achievements of ancient Indians. Here is a list of questions you might consider to help you with your writing.

He concluded this was something he had to change, even though it wouldn't be easy. You want to be in the right mental state and environment to write so you can turn all your attention to the activity and avoid distractions.

We are products of our past
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“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”