Why is it critical to define internal and external publics

It flows within the organization. Purpose of External Communications External communication happens when a business exchanges information with customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders outside of the company.

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It is a business tool which leads and motivates the employees to put their best in the job. It assists in selecting, training and appraising participants within the organization. It can occur between individuals, groups, departments or units. Definition of Internal Communication The communication is said to be internal, when the exchange of information, message, facts, opinions, etc. The former is used to guide, inform and motivate individuals to work efficiently for the success of the organization. Conversely, external communication focuses on maintaining relationship or exchanging information with the parties external to the business. Companies can internally communicate in writing through emails and memos or verbally at meetings and conferences.

That way, the company can develop messaging that appeals to their employees and motivates them to do their jobs, in addition to information that entices their customers and partners. Internal communication aims at transmission of information between various business units and departments.

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Businesses need to look at both the internal and external audiences together to have a unified communication policy. In such cases, it is desirable to provide an informal meeting room suitable for group discussions.

Internal Communication uses memo, circulars, staff news letter, fax, notice, minutes on meetings, video conferencing, presentations, seminars, agenda, manuals, etc.

Finally, the quality of the argument is essential to the effectiveness of a message. They are also actors of our society.

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Difference Between Internal and External Communication (with Comparison Chart)