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When I began, my purpose was to speak Of remedies and of a cheerful hope.

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This light was famous in its neighbourhood, And was a public symbol of the life That thrifty Pair had lived. Wordsworth vividly describes the land on which Michael lives, making it seem like paradise.

Soon Michael dies and his wife follows him.

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Michael is linked with the boy as body linked with the soul. NOTE I.

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Hence had he learned the meaning of all winds, Of blasts of every tone; and, oftentimes, When others heeded not, he heard the South Make subterraneous music, like the noise Of bagpipers on distant Highland hills. The epigraph of George Eliot 's Silas Marner is taken from the poem. The love of nature and the surroundings is also shown to the reader by Michael. But soon as Luke, full ten years old, could stand Against the mountain blasts; and to the heights, Not fearing toil, nor length of weary ways, He with his Father daily went, and they Were as companions, why should I relate That objects which the Shepherd loved before Were dearer now? This scheme these two days, has been meat and drink to me. If here he stay, what can be done? Like, Wordsworth, Michael is the great lover of nature. When Luke reaches the age of 18, Michael sends Luke to stay in London with a merchant that he might learn a trade and acquire sufficient wealth to regain the land that Michael has lost. His son is the entire of all his hopes. Wordsworth describes the cottage and the household with picturesque language. Throughout this essay is evidence showing Just how he accomplished this, with full respect toward the common man, using language and Imagery that was not only easy for the everyday person to comprehend, but connected Wordsmith to them as well. It may be proper to inform some readers, that a sheep-fold in these mountains is an unroofed building of stone walls, with different divisions. The Old Man was glad.

Lyrical Ballads, with other poems, by William Wordsworth Michael If from the public way you turn your steps Up the tumultuous brook of Green-head Gill, You will suppose that with an upright path Your feet must struggle; in such bold ascent The pastoral Mountains front you, face to face.

Isabella dies only three years later than him and their estate is sold to a stranger. However, Luke is corrupted in the city and is forced to flee the country and Michael must live out his life without his son.

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This unlooked-for claim, At the first hearing, for a moment took More hope out of his life than he supposed That any old man ever could have lost. The Old Man was glad.

She was a woman of a stirring life, whose heart was in her house. Where every one is poor, what can be gained?

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Both of them sleep together; here they lived, As all their Forefathers had done; and when At length their time was come, they were not loth To give their bodies to the family mould. His bodily frame had been from youth to age Of an unusual strength. Far more than we have lost is left us yet. An evil Man That was, and made an evil choice, if he Were false to us; and if he were not false, There are ten thousand to whom loss like this Had been no sorrow. They work from sunrise to till sunset. Isabella dies only three years later than him and their estate is sold to a stranger. He clearly states this at the beginning of the poem. This scheme these two days, has been meat and drink to me. We observe that Wordsworth is dealing with rural man with rural occupation. He wants him to come back one day and finish what he has started, and to leave a permanent mark on the land. However, Wordsmith does not want the reader to stop here. The Old Man was glad. Heaven forgive me, Luke, If I judge ill for thee, but it seems good That thou shouldst go.
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