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The decision-making system should be fair and impartial, ensuring that only the most worthy and needy have their academic expenses taken care of by the government. Your teacher wants you to compare them and tell which do you like more and why. The movie manages the sequencing much better.

It is clear from the task which register you are supposed to use. In the paragraphs below I will explain my opinion on why members of poor families and students with outstanding marks should be getting preferences for scholarship programme participation.

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To get more idea of what a review should look like check some user reviews: For movies go to www. Your writing can be either formal or informal. The only objective fault I could find in the book was the order of events. Introduction For the past three months I had been working for Escom Limited, the biggest law firm in our town. As a part of your job placement programme you should write a report to your employment counsellor. It is clear from the task which register you are supposed to use. When marking the tasks, examiners take into account length of responses and varieties of English: Guidelines on length are provided for each task; responses which are too short may not have an adequate range of language and may not provide all the information that is required, while responses which are too long may contain irrelevant content and have a negative effect on the reader. This is a valid technique and there is nothing wrong about it. Writing Part 1 We will use an example task as an illustration: You have watched a TV programme about scholarship and who should get in in your country. Other than that the book is brilliant — vigorous prose that manages to evoke strong images. Evaluation scale: All Cambridge exams are marked in the same way but the evaluation scales leave some room for interpretation and are, therefore, a little subjective. Being an intern I started at the first tier with everybody except other interns being my superiors. Both acting and directing are superb. I have participated in real working environment, gained new skills and made acquaintances with people from the industry. Conclusion will contain your general impression and your verdict.

You have made the following notes: Who should receive scholarship? In your report you should describe the company you worked at, the problems you encountered and propose any additional training you feel is necessary.

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Second and third body paragraphs can be used to describe good and bad points respectively. Then scroll down to see the user reviews.

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