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can you write an article on linkedin company page

You want people to read your article, so make sure doesn't look long and overwhelming. Be wary of adding them to your posts.

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Those are all topics that interest me, that I have experience in, and that I enjoy learning about. You could follow Guy Kawasaki. It makes it easy for our readers to share articles with their LinkedIn network. One of the most powerful benefits of writing on LinkedIn is the global community of professionals who like to engage with writers by liking, sharing, and leaving comments on posts. More post likes will also get you LinkedIn shares, post views, and comments according to correlation data. Create attention-grabbing headlines and images, that intrigue your target market to read more. Quality content will always win out over quantity.

I realize that some of you prefer a visual explanation over a textual description, so I actually created a screen share video which goes over exactly what the publishing dashboard will look like and how you can create a post similar to this one.

In addition to the data, I put together a bonus section that shows you exactly how to make content on LinkedIn get more views.

how to write an article on linkedin company page

Unfortunately, the data indicates that the inclusion of multimedia assets are associated with fewer post views. Include a link to your blog and website in both your business and personal profile.

Once you've managed to hit that target for a couple of months, increase it to twice per month. Writing consistently not only expands your network, it also reinforces the message about the depth and breadth of your knowledge of the subjects that you write about.

Just write a post like you would when you share other articles on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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You really never know how far this could go in developing your networking. They include their logo image - which will be shown in updates. Want more marketing tips, like LinkedIn growth strategies? Link back to their original post, too. Unfortunately, the data indicates that the inclusion of multimedia assets are associated with fewer post views. Give people a reason to comment, like or share your article. Example: The Retail Industry Professionals Group is a closed group you have to apply to join , with over , members. Upload a professional, yet friendly headshot. The trick is to select the image or video and center it, as you would text. Check out more tips on managing a LinkedIn Group. You might have the perfect photo, but if you don't, don't worry. So how do you make sure your LinkedIn articles perform well? Network on the site by making the right impression, engaging with your connections, joining and taking part in niche groups, and sharing pertinent information. You want a complete yet succinct thought, not a label. Select your images carefully.
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10 LinkedIn Publishing Tips: We Analyzed LinkedIn Blog Posts