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Twilight golf at the club has re-established itself as a great social way for all ages to enjoy the game of golf. This means a focus on developing and structuring the insurance products needed, as well as having practical nautical experience combined with legal and financial knowhow. The TTCF board acknowledges the value in receiving recommendations from the publically elected trustees of member Licensing Trusts, all of whom have extensive local knowledge of their local communities. Her food and her service have impressed club members and visitors to our Club. After writing weekly golf reports for the club and the Wairarapa Times Age, Mike Dixon has now submitted his last report. Without doubt, our course provides the best golfing challenge in the Wairarapa. There are usually three standing committees: Finance committee Board development committee There may also be other standing committees or ad hoc committees. Mike Dixon will be added to that Honours Board in recognition of the time and effort he has put into the Club during his time so far as a member. Costs have been lowered considerably as a result of moving the customer services fluctuations overseas and although customer satisfaction is down we're working with suppliers to remedy this.

Looking forward Being able to report on the continued success and positive developments at Gard, both financially and operationally gives me a great sense of pride.

The world in which we operate failed to provide the economic recovery for which we had hoped. It was pleasing to see the positive impact that resulted and the way that it created more of a family friendly atmosphere around the clubhouse.

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Looking Forward or the Year Ahead. Betty will be 92 years of age in January. To Spark Discussions and Questions from the Board Even though the remaining board members are not participating on the committee, they need to show an active and vested interest in the work the committee performs. The main purpose of the meeting is for shareholders to be informed about company performance and to ask questions about it too. Our social programme continues to go from strength to strength and in July we had a wonderful summer concert from the Skipton Brass Band. All office enquiries should firstly be directed to the All Teed Up shop who will be able to assist with the majority of your queries. Is it light and optimistic?

The result creates an urgent need to find a mutually acceptable solution to give greater certainty around timely claim settlements. While the immediate impact of the Convention is likely to be limited, it nonetheless represents a step towards global uniformity in what has been an inconsistent area of law and practice.

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During the year, the Pro Shop was refurbished and modified. Mutual insurance associations are not only of concern to their Members. Depending on your style, you might begin your report with small talk or go right into the business of the organization.

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However, for the system to function each party must play its part in a predictable and agreed manner. The problem with taking questions during the chairman's speech is that you can be dragged into topics that will probably be covered by other directors later in the AGM. As mentioned above you can allow questions purely to clarify a point i. The role of the Board has been made easier knowing that you had everything golf under control. Review activities of the past year to include in the report. Take a look at these reasons that committees write reports to the board. At our January Board meeting, we unanimously agreed to recognise your contribution to our club at this AGM. If there is a requirement for an AGM in the company articles then it must still be held, but otherwise it is optional. Trustee Nominations Also at the AGM we went through a similar process with the existing Trustees all agreeing to stand again and consequently were proposed, seconded and approved on the night.

The board can decide how often the committee submits a report, which can be monthly, yearly, or some other timeframe.

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