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Read your vows out loud to make sure they flow easily, and watch out for tongue twisters and run-on sentences—both easy mistakes to make when you write marriage vows. I believe it's helpful to know the two of you aren't in this alone.

Decide how you want your vows to come across. Yes, we realize the irony of using the words "superfluous" and "jargon" in the aforementioned sentence. I accept you as you are, and I offer myself in return.

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I will protect you from my wrath and from giraffes which I understand are very tall and will sometimes step on people because they are not looking where they are stepping. Cluttered, ugly sentences don't work in emails and the same goes for our vows. I promise to be patient, and to remember that all things between us are rooted in love. I accept you as you are, and I offer myself in return. Two years into their relationship, they got married at Walker's Landing in Fernandina Beach, Florida, in a military-themed ceremony inspired by Rocheleau's military service. Make a clean copy for yourself. These trials have pushed the boundaries of what we thought we could endure, and in the end, I feel more strongly connected with you in a resolve to get up and try again. I vow not just to grow old together, but to grow together. Romantic Real Wedding Vows Alex, you are my best friend.

I love your loyalty to me and our relationship. Borrow freely from poetrybooks, and even movies or video games. But most of all, I love that you and I both love each other so much.

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8 Things Grooms Need to Know Before They Write Their Own Wedding Vows